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Vincent Mad Dog Coll a New York Gangster born Donegal

Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll (1908-1932) Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll was born Magheraclogher, Gweedore on the 20th July 1908 son of (Anthony) Toal Coll, farmer & Annie Duncan – the family emigrated to the USA in 1909. His father Tuathall Og (Anthony) Toole Coll was born 12 Feb 1868 Bunbeg, Co Donegal son of Toole Coll & Bridget Gallagher: Informant - Toole Coll.  In 1909 the Colls with their 7 children decided to emigrate to America and settled in the Bronx, but found that their lives in New York were not much better than the ones they left behind in Ireland. They toiled in poverty, leading Coll’s father to eventually desert the family. Coll’s mother and all but one of his six siblings died before he turned 12 years old.  Anna (Mary) Coll his mother died of TB on 12th Feb 1916 in the Bronx ( New York, New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949) Anthony Toal Coll died 9 June 1919 aged 51 years King's County, New York.  Though an elderly neighbor