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Officers at the siege of Derry

1693:  Warrant to Lord Sydney to pay the officers, and widows of officers, who were of the garrison in Londonderry the sums specified in the annexed list. [ Signet Office Letter Book  13,  p . 7.]  Annexing :—List of officers and officers' widows, viz.:  Colonels:  Hugh Hamill, Richard Crofton, Henry Monrow, Adam Murray and Thomas Blair;  Lt.–Col:  William Campbell;  Majors: John Dobbin, George Holmes, Nathaniel Bull and Graham's widow;  Captains: Christophilus Jenny, Alexander Saunderson, Robert Baird, James Harrison, John Kinniston, Nicholas Holmes, George Irwin, John Fleming, John Crofton, Hugh Blair, Frederick Edmonds, Abraham Hillhouse, Benjamin Wilkins, Henry Lane, Samuel Jones, Joshua Pilot, William McCormick, William Taylor, Henry Campsey, Andrew Adam's widow, William Gore, Francis Graham, Mary Godfrey, widow;  Adjutants: Thomas Baker and Alexander Rankin Quartermaster: John Griffith;  Lieutenants: Robert Louther, John Fuller, Richard Kean, Jame