In 1831 an 85 year old Dungiven man challenged the world

Newspapers are a useful means for providing contextual insight into the lives of our ancestors. They can throw up interesting surprises and nuggets.

'The Truth Teller' was a weekly Catholic newspaper that was published in New York from 1825 to 1855. It contained many notices requesting information about missing persons.

An interesting notice appeared in the paper on 21st May 1831 (page 20).

NOTICE: 'Henry McCloskey, a tenant of Robert Ogilby, Esquire of the County of Londonderry and parish of Dungiven, challenges the world to produce a man to fight him for the sum of 500 guineas, no matter what size, weight, height or color (provided he be the same age). He was born on the 12 May 1746; he does this to let the world know that old Ireland always produced the best man under the sun, both in youth and age and for the honour of his country'.

We have no way of knowing if anyone took up the challenge of the 85 year old Dungiven man but you have got to admire his fighting spirit!


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