Roe Mill Road, Graveyard, Limavady

Saint Canice's Roman Catholic Burial Ground
Entrance to the Roe Mill Road graveyard

The Church of St Canice was built on the Roe Mill road site in 1783 but fell into disrepair after the new chapel of St Mary's was built on Irish Green Street in the years between 1836 and 1838. Some Catholic families continued to use the old graveyard well into the twentieth century.

The wall surrounding the graveyard was erected in 1883. A fund had been established for the construction of the wall to which Michael King of Strangemore, Dungiven contributed the handsome sum of 28 pounds, 13 shillngs and 10d (Derry Journal 12 September 1883).

The earliest headstone appears to have been that dedicated to the O'Neill family in memory of their daughter Mary (this headstone is no longer legible).

"As a tribute of parental affection this stone was placed here to the memory of a dutiful daughter Mary O'Neill who departed this life 18th June 1810 in the 20th year of her age."

The headstone with the earliest recorded birth age is that for the Kane family of Maine, Balteagh:
"Here lieth the body of Brian Kane of Main who died 15th February 1832 aged 84 years."
Brian Kane of Maine, Balteagh

This gives Brian Kane of Maine an approximate lifespan of circa 1748-1832.

I have completed a survey of all the headstones in the graveyard as well as tracking down transcriptions that were made at various times to build up a comprehensive database of all pre-1900 headstones in the cemetery. In addition I have photographed the stones that are still legible such as the Kane gravestone above.

Surnames in Roe Mill Road RC Graveyard:
Adair, Barry, Beattie, Begley, Black, Bond, Boyle, Brolly, Byrne, Caffrey, Campbell, Cartan, Caulfield, Clyde, Coghlan, Conaghan, Connor, Crampsie, Cullen, Cummings, Cunningham, Daly, Devine, Devlin, Dillon, Doherty, Donaghy, Donegan, Doyle, Duddy, Duffy, Farrel, Fennell, Ferris, For(r)est, Gallagher, Gallen, Galloway, Gibbons, Guy, Harkin, Harvey, Holmes, Irwin, Jones, Kane, Kavanagh, Kearney, Keating, Kelly, Launders, Lewis, Loughery, Lynd, MacClarence, Madden, Magee, Magill, Mailey, McCaffrey, McCann, McCartney, McClary, McClean, McCloskey, McColgan, McCool, McDaid, McDivitt, McElhinny, McGallen, McGeehan, McGill, McGregor, McGrudden, McKay, McKeag, McKeown, McLaughlin, McNamara, McPeake, Monaghan, Mooney, Mullan, Mullin(s), Murray, Nutt, O'Brien, O'Brine, O'Byrne, O'Connor, O'Doherty, O'Kane, O'Neill, Oakley, Queenin, Quigley, Quin(n), Rea, Stewart, Stuart, Sweeney, Toner, Trainor, Traynor, Walsh, Williamson


  1. Do you have a transcipt of the Toner gravestone? my ancestors lived in Tartnakilly, Edward and Sarah Toner

    1. Sorry - not sure how I missed your post - older Toner headstones are below --

      TONER Inscription: Erected in loving memory of Martha Toner who died 11th May 1892 aged 75 years. Also her husband James Toner who died 25th November 1893 aged 66 years. RIP.

      Inscription: Erected by John Toner in loving memory of his father John who died 1855 and his mother Mary who died 1832. Also the said John Toner who died 8th August 1897 aged 75 years. And his sister Mary E O’Doherty who died 11th November 1912 aged 88 years.

  2. Dear Bobby,

    Do you have iny info on McNamara graves within this St Canice Graveyard?
    G Bell

    1. McNamara - Daniel died 24 June 1904 his wife Rose Ann died 12 Aug 1914

      McNamara - Baby Jane died 24 JUly 1921

    2. Hello Bobby, rose ann and Daniel McNamara are my great grandparents, do you have a photograph of their headstone please

  3. who are the Harkin's buried there-in

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hi I was looking for Frederick and Sarah Doyle 1870s

  6. could you provide a transcript of the connor headstones? thank you!


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