The Max Given Manuscripts (PRONI)


The Maxwell Given manuscripts consist of 28 volumes of work, which were purchased by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. These volumes are a real treasure for the local historian and represent a lifetimes work and research on the history of Coleraine and surrounding area. They give a fascinating insight into the social, political, religious and economic life of the region from earliest times. Given was considered to be an expert on the local history of Coleraine.
Obituary Max Given Coleraine Chronicle 1934 
The volumes are mainly made up of transcripts from antiquarian books, the Coleraine Chronicle newspaper, O.S. memoirs, Calendar of State Papers Ireland, Coleraine Corporation records (substantial) and various family histories. There are also transcripts of local Subsidy Rolls and Hearth Rolls taken from the Public Record Office in Dublin before the fire of 1922, of particular interest to the genealogist.

In volume 3 the author notes a birth from the Coleraine Chronicle, ‘March 31st 1866 at Main Street Limavady, on Saturday 24th inst, the wife of Mr George Given Architect, of a son’ i.e. the present writer Maxwell Given. In a number of the volumes Max Given outlines his family history and the connection to McFeeters of Myroe (volume 7 and 12). Max Given appears to have been given access to a number of manuscripts that are probably no longer extant. Volume One contains transcripts of the Mss of John Orr Esq linen merchant (included many Orr family events). In volume 13 and 18 there are substantial transcripts of the Mss Journal of John Galt 1815-1819 (born 1767 died 1845) and in the latter volume also the Mss of Thomas Camac of Derrykeirgan. He also details an oral history of the O’Mullans by Jeremiah O’Mullan (volume 13).

For those interested in Coleraine there are many interesting articles and transcripts including the case of the abduction of Sarah Thompson of Macosquin in 1734 (volume 20), a list of Coleraine teachers from 1613-1706 (volume 22), a muster of the Coleraine Yeomanry 1795 with 116 names (volume 12) and a history of the Coleraine Dominicans (volume 25). An important genealogical source is a transcript of the ‘1839 New Directory of Coleraine, Portrush and Portstewart’ (volume 6 pages 1460-1489). Whilst copies of this directory are available in regional libraries, Given includes a description of the directory, in his possession, which had belonged to Robert Given Esq JP of Coleraine and adds genealogical comments in the margins (dates of death, gone to America and so on). In volume 17, there is a transcript of two volumes of the entry books of the Excise Office of Coleraine, 1837-1848 (pages 3823-3831). This is an excellent source of names including a list of keyholders’ in the town of Coleraine, the addresses and business conducted in each shop. There is also a list of shopkeepers’ in Coleraine in the year 1820 (volume 20).

Each volume is densely packed with information and the set of 28 books contains an enormous amount of local genealogical and historical content. I have examined the 28 volumes closely and broken the contents down for each volume as follows:


D4164/1 Volume One
Taylor and Skinner’s Road Maps, 1777.
Recollections of John Crossley (born 1822)
Camden’s Brittanica (1695)
Old Coleraine Borough Parliamentary returns, 1800 +
Given family notes
Ms Journal of John Orr Esq, Linen Merchant
Very good genealogical source (contemporary) e.g. Orr family deaths
Sister Margaret Orr died 14th September 1807 aged 43
Waterside applotment, Coleraine for 1812 (184 names) ps 38-41. From the Ms Journal of John Orr.
Prerogative wills to 1810
Derriana (Graham)
Annals of the Four Masters
Witherow’s Derry & Enniskillen 1689
Annals of Loch Ce (1014-1590)
Ulster Journal of Genealogy (2nd series Volumes 1-6)
Coleraine history
Ordnance survey, Templemore parish.

Substantial transcripts of Coleraine Chronicle from the first edition onwards.
May 5th 1849: Limavady – a tale of the O’Cahan’s written for the Coleraine Chronicle (2 and ¾ columns) by A.C Dromore of Limavady dealing with the last occupation of the castle at Dogleap.
Jackson/Alexander family of Coleraine/Limavady. The Jackson male line has died out but extant through a female line in the Alexanders’.

Continuation of transcripts of Coleraine Chronicle (pages 543-789) from 1856-1867.
Antiquities of Coleraine
Tribe of the Fir Li
Coleraine horse fair (average price £35)
Coleraine Academical Institution
Coleraine New Town Hall
History Lawrence family of Portrush
The plantation of Derry
Erection of Town Hall Coleraine
Coleraine Corporation 1735-38
McCausland and Gage families
Discovery of ancient relics, Coleraine
Opening of Independent church, Coleraine
Bann navigation in 1756
Coleraine regatta 1865 and local ‘foot races’
The Lawrence family (reprinted from Edinburgh Witness)
Sinclair family
Thomas Given of Limavady who emigrated to Ipswich, Queensland Australia where he was made Alderman (was an uncle of Max Given)
Coleraine Academical Institution
Bann Rowing club – regatta (including list of vice-principals of the club – Judge McCunn of New York)
Coleraine Harmonic Society
Magistrates Co Antrim 1773 (53 names)
Birth entry noted – March 31st 1866 at Main Street, Limavady, on Saturday 24th inst, the wife of Mr George Given Architect, of a son (ie. the present writer Maxwell Given)
More regatta details
Coleraine and the Lower Bann
The Downhill mansion and the Hervey’s
Page 747 – the first general meeting of Newtownlimavady Spinning and Weaving Company held on 15th January 1867 in the offices of SM Alexander Esq DL Limavady
Coleraine Regatta
Various deaths
Coleraine Parish church history
Bann Rowing Club.

History of Methodism in Coleraine
Torrens family notes (page 835)
London companies.
Revival in Coleraine 1859 (substantial)
Exchequer Inquisition Co. Derry (James I)
Ordnance Survey – Drumachose
Religious census 1766 (pages 893-894) Numbers only for Balteagh and Tamlaght Finlagan parishes.
Battle of Coleraine.
New Row history: substantial transcripts.
Marriages 1809-1840 (including Forster).
Seat holders 1834.
The last chief of the O’Cahan’s.
Page 1029 – the trial of Sir Donel O’Cahan – names 73 jurors (as in TH Mullin’s book – the Ulster clans).

Notes from Hill’s MacDonnells of Antrim (1873)
Substantial transcripts (includes O’Cahan’s).
Dunlop family history
Irish society history
O’Laverty’s Down and Connor Volume 4 (1887)
Memorials of the late John Boyd Esq, MP for Coleraine, published by the Coleraine Chronicle 1862. Includes a history of the Boyds.
Reid’s History of Presbyterian Church of Ireland (Volume 1 and 2).
First Presbyterian Church of Coleraine
Coleraine Bridge 1792
Proceedings of the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland (1934-45) Typed notes: Fasti of  Presbyterian church in Ireland.

Ireland in the 17th century by Mary Hickman (1884)
Depositions from the 1650’s from 1641 rising e.g. pages 1358-61: Deposition of Nicola the wife of James Fulton of Dunboe, 1652.
CSPI 1509-1573
CSPI 1647-1660: includes comprehensive description of Coleraine in 1611.
Ms Annals of Derrykighan by Rev Hugh Neill
Macosquin Presbyterian congregation.
Records of the General Synod of Ulster 1691-1820 (Volumes 1 and 2)
Lists Ministers and Elders (Dunboe etc).
Synod of Antrim 21st June 1737 – Minister James McCurdy; Elder William Sheerar.
Bann fisheries.
Ms Journal of John Galt 1815-1819 (he died 1845).
1839 New Directory of Coleraine, Portrush, Portstewart (pages 1460-89) including a description of the directory, which had belonged to Robert Given Esq JP of Coleraine with added notes e.g. dates of death, gone to America etc. David Beverlin was a Publican, Rosemary Lane, Coleraine. Paul Sherrard was a publican in Killowen.
Historical narrative of Irish Society
Coleraine parish church (also Killowen, Dunboe, Macosquin, Ballywillan, Ballyrashane, Agherton)
Rebellions in Ireland (1801) by Sir Richard Musgrave Bart.
State papers Ireland (1538-50, 1553-59, 1571)
Historical narrative of Irish society to 1898.

History of Coleraine Borough – substantial.
Borough of Limavady (as in Boyle’s records of Limavady).
Calendar of State Papers Ireland (CSPI) under James I c. 1611-14
17th September 1611 – Mr John Tanner mentioned as Minister of Coleraine and mentions Sir Thomas Phillips Knt.
Details re. 1615 rebellion
Page 1770 CSPI – May 25th 1618 – grant of a liscence unto Richard Fitzsymons, merchant – tan house at Gortneyhanemagh (Old Limavady). Also grant to Michael Taafe, merchant – tan house N’Limavady
Information (about 6 pages) on max Given’s family history – Limavady. Given’s married into McFeeters in Myroe. Some gravestone information - comments on different spellings of surname Given, Giveen, Giffen etc).

Historical notes on Coleraine
Hill’s Plantation, includes numerous families such as the Alexanders.
Wright’s history of Ireland, Volume 1 and 2
House of Lords – Skinners company and the Irish society includes list of tenants of Irish society in Coleraine 1789, pages 2039-40. Max Given dates this as 1830-35.
D4164/A/9 (Max Given dates the book, 1903)
Parish of Coleraine – Topography/customs/markets/church – OS memoirs
Carew Mss 1515-1574
Coleraine parish – OS memoirs

D/416 4/A/10
Dunboe schools; Killowen – OS memoirs Killdollagh.
Lists of Coleraine Mayors and Burgesses:
Page 2315 – 13th August 1739, Arthur Forrester Burgess (elected Chamberlain).
Page 2316 – 5th September 1740, William Forrester.
Journal of Irish House of Commons.
Lease of markets, Coleraine.

Petition of Arthur Carey.
Burgesses, Borough of Coleraine, Chamberlains of Coleraine.
William Forester – 1715-18 (Chamberlain)
Arthur Forester – 1739, 42, 43, 46 (ibid).
County Derry Constituency elections 1713.
Population statistics for Macosquin parish 1841-1901 + OS Memoirs
Ulster Journal of Archaelogy, volume 1 County of Coleraine, 1613-18
An inquisition taken at Lemavady 1614 – lists jurors, pages 2506-07 (1. John O’Kenny, 2. Gilduffe McBrien O’Cahan etc) 15 names; all gentlemen of Limavady.
Coleraine and Killowen Dispensary committee (minutes).
Castleroe/Local antiquities.

D/4164/A/12 (volumes dated, 1903/1904)
Mr O’Donovan’s Ms letters RIA Dublin
Coleraine Savings Bank
Carew Mss Volume 1 (1515-1574)
Parishes – Killowen and Dunboe
OS Coleraine Parish
Ulster Journal of Archaeology – transcripts re, Coleraine + County Derry
Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Convention of Drumceatt), 7, 8 (McQuillans) and 9.
Ulster Journal of Archaeology – transcripts fromVolume 2
Reeves Ecc Ant p247-8
House of Lords petition – William Taylor Esq vs Sir John Beresford Bart 1833
Yeomanry 1796 – 116 names from Corporation records of Coleraine (Corporal Archibald McFetrick).
Corporation of Coleraine (extracts)
Placenames from older literature
Notes on the life of St. Columba by Adamman
Givin family of Coleraine (‘my father George Given’ (1813-1883), architect, Limavady)

History Ireland 1640-1652 – Coleraine index.
Annals of the Four Masters
CSPI – 1574-1585 (Coleraine).
Parliamentary returns House of Lords 1877
Coleraine Borough records.
The relief of Coleraine
The O’Mullans (oral history of Jeremiah O’Mullan)
CSPI 1647-60 – substantial
St. Patrick’s church, Coleraine
Portstewart Parish of Agherton + Ballyrashane, Ballywillan, Killdollagh, Killowen, etc.
Bruce family
Thompson family
CSPI – 1509 to 1573
Frederick Augustsus Hervey Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry.
Bruce family of Downhill.
Coleraine Volunteers 1782
Limavady Volunteers (pages 2942-43).
Mss Journal of John Galt (born 1767 died 1845). Notes on farming/weather and contemporary history.

Hearth Money rolls – Coleraine 1663
Subsidy rolls 1662-1667: Coleraine, Killowen, Dunboe (pages 2994-2995) and Camus Macosquin
Burgesses of Coleraine (page 3000+) 20th April 1711
History of Coleraine
Coleraine Corporation
Siege of Coleraine (1641-2) Substantial
Prominent family genealogies (Jackson of Coleraine etc)
Note by Max Given – see pages 5607-8 and 5720-21 for hearth rolls for parishes of Ballyaghran, Ballywillin, part of Ballymoney and Dunboe.

D4164/A/15 (volume dated 1905)
Irish Society extracts (substantial) retrospect
Deputation report of the Irish society 1814 (79 names of subscribers to new School for Coleraine, 1814).
Mr Tites report – Irish society 1834
Deputation report 1836
Deputation report 1840
Plantation of Ulster – Londoners
Notes on Rev Robert Stirling and descendants (Minister of Dervock). Includes pedigree chart.

Davies historical tracts
Nicholl’s history of Ironmongers
Plan of Agivey castle
Muster Roll of Undertakers’ in Ulster
British Museum Add MS 4770 F276
Sir Robert MacKlelan (Haberdashers’ and Clothworkers’). 192 men with lists of weapons.
History of Carrickfergus.
Phillips’ Mss.
Crown rentals 1657 Derry (page 3579), by Barony including chief Tenants.
Will of Lady Ann Cooke 1679.
Will of John Gorges, Somerset, 1681
Will of Lettice Hamilton 1741
1718 visitation of Derry
Parliamentary Returns 1768.
Will of John Adams, Mayor of Coleraine (1716).
Annals of Ulster.
Presbyterianism by Witherow.
Page 3710 – William Boyd’s commission to USA. Names of emigrants – petition to Governor Shute. 

Calendar of Saints Ireland
Graham’s Ireland preserved
Calendars of Treasury papers
Dublin University Papers 1861
Archbishop Coulton’s visitation of Derry 1397
Entry book number one of the Excise Office, Coleraine 1837-48 (pages 3823-3836)
Excellent source of names. Includes lists of keyholders in Coleraine, the address and business of each shop e.g no 28 – Hugh Bellas etc 1828
Volume 2 pages 3837-3836.
Notes from striking events in Irish history
Leckey’s History of England in the 18th century (Beresford)
Madden’s ‘Lives and times of the United Irishmen’
Sampson’s memoirs of co Derry 1814
Belfast News Letter 1790
1824 Pigot’s Directory, Coleraine
Narrative of the rise and progress of the Seceding congregation of Coleraine
First Coleraine Presbyterian – list of subscribers to erection of new meeting house 1827. Also, list of subscribers to repairs 1804 (good list of names)
Lodge’s peerage of Ireland
Stewart’s valuation of the earl of Antrim’s estate 1734
Knox family of Coleraine (Loose sheets in book).

Belfast News Letter
Lib mum Pup Hib 1172-1827 – members of Parliament for county Derry (includes Coleraine and N’Limavady)
MSS Journal of Thomas Camac, Derrykeighan
Annals of Ulster (McSkimmin’s)
MSS Journal of John Galt
Assizes of Derry 1615
Grand Jury e.g ‘William Nesbitt of parish of Tamlaght Finlagan, John Rosse of Rathbride (Rathbrady, Limavady), John Cooke of Lemavaddie’.
Thomas Molyneux – journey to ye North of Ireland
O’Mellan’s journal of the 1641 rebellion (1708)
1859 revival (Rev William Gibson 1860)
OS statistical reports Mss Coleraine
Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary
Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland (1844-45)
Ulster visitation book 1622
Life of Lord Castlereagh and correspondence
Graham’s annals of Ireland 1641-53
History of Linen trade.

Coleraine Constitution 1875, 1877 (transcripts)
Coleraine Corporation records 1792-1840 (substantial transcripts).
Lists of Aldermen, Burgesses and freemen

Record tower collection State Papers PRO Dublin – the abduction of Sarah Thompson of Macosquin 1734 (more later in Ms)
The history of the war in Ireland 1641-51 by a British officer of the Regiment of Sir John Clotworthy (Dublin 1873)
Calendar of the Carew Mss – Library ed J. Brewer 1603-24 (1873)
Camar and Coleraine by Rev William Richey (1870)
Galland family
Moore family
Irish Picts of Antrim/Derry by Max Given
Coleraine Dominicans and priory (substantial)
Dun Cuithern (The Sconce) Dunboe
The Cruithne by M. Given
Pedigree chart of the De Burghs (Earls of Ulster)
Notes from O’Harts Irish Pedigrees
Annals of Ulster
McLaughlin family of Gleneary – pedigree chart and notes (excellent)
Edward Bruce in Coleraine 1315-18
Origins of the McQuillins
Coleraine in the 14th century
Civil wars in Ireland 1641-51 by M. Given
Killowen parish
Coleraine 1820 (shopkeepers, notes et al) Excellent source
Clan Rury of race of Ir
1832 Coleraine election

Coleraine Corporation Records 1671-1710
Substantial lists of names e.g Page 5148: Year 1699 (1700) 24th January – at this court William Barwick junior and William Forester were admitted freemen of this Incorporation, paying the officers fees.

Coleraine Corporation Records 1671-1710 (substantial)
Coleraine Municipal Affairs
Coleraine teachers 1613-1706
Irish Society schools
Coleraine 1770
Beresford of Learmount
Coleraine Map names (alphabetical)
Chamberlains of Coleraine
Corporation information
Irish society schools
Test Act and Presbyterians
Names of freemen 1672-1710  e.g. 24th January 1700 William Forester
Alderman and Burgesses 1671-87
Members of Coleraine Corporation 1703
Members of Coleraine Corporation 1835-39
Mayors of Coleraine
Tables of markets and customs
Jackson of Coleraine – Pedigree
Plantation – Coleraine
Application lists for freedom of the Corporation of Coleraine c.1832 (pages 5459-5477). A list of applicants from Coleraine and surrounding areas (over 1000 names).

Hearth money roll Ballyharagan parish (22 names), page 5607Hearth money roll Ballywillin (35 names) + part Ballymoney (3 names), page 5608
Hearth money roll Dunboe (57 names), pages 5720-5721.
Vestry minute book Killowen parish (1747-1872), substantial transcripts: Parish Cess 1841 etc.
State papers – Carew Mss
Coleraine Volunteers 1782 (substantial).
Hazlett family of County Derry
New Row Presbyterian
Beresford family
Richard and Torrens of Somerset, County Derry (5656-57).
Coleraine Town Commission.
Bann fisheries.

Ulster inquisition Antrim/Derry
Belfast Newsletter 1782
Ulster Custom before the Plantation
1641 rebellion – depositions TCD.
Annals of the 4 Masters.
Pages 5832-38: Tithe List Coleraine parish 1689 (British museum Mss 19864) and also Tithes 1690 e.g. 1690 – George Bellas 6 shillings.
Coleraine Corps Yeomanry 1796: alphabetical list – 134 names.
Ironmongers’ and the London Companies.
Jackson estate 1760-1800: names of tenants on 23rd February 1800 (101 tenants listed and townland address)
Sir Thomas Phillips’ lands 1612.
Coleraine Yeomanry Cavalry 1796.
John Rowley’s estates 1656 (denominations).
Hearts of Steel Boys.
Emigration from Ulster.
Valuation of Derry 1802.

Killowen Presbyterians 1840-49.
Ballylintagh congregation
1841 General Assembly
Dromore congregation
Secession church in Ireland
Coleraine Methodist Church
Heart Money Roll -  1669 Ballymoney town and parish
1660 Poll Tax Ballymoney (only a few names)
Various families – Nielson, Smith Coleraine area
Church family of Myroe and Coleraine
Phillips Muster Roll 1630 (Page 6086)
OS Memoirs Drumachose parish
1766 religious returns for Limavady and Drumachose parish (names)
Plantation of Derry
Coleraine 1611-1628
Coleraine Dominicans
Galt family Coleraine
The Bastion of Coleraine
Limavady in 1839 (based on the New Directory) Lists names of shopkeepers, (pages 6213-6220).
Coleraine Old Bridge
Rents in Coleraine 1734-37
Bann Fishery
Macosquin Abbey
Bolton’s Scotch-Irish pioneers
Coleraine fortifications.

Ulster Civil War 1641
Grants, leases Antrim estate North East Liberties 1867
Coleraine castle
Bann navigation
Some Coleraine residents 1783, 1791, 1729
Linen trade Coleraine
Coleraine linen seals (and merchants).
Map Coleraine 1738 (alphabetical list of 63 names)
Page 6509 – Coleraine Borough – returns relating to the corporation of the Borough of Coleraine ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 18th April 1832:
Coleraine Borough – persons who had petitioned for, claimed or personally demanded the Freedom of the Corporation of Coleraine and of those who were refused the same (1801-1832) pages 6509-6518:
Refused admittance (pages 6510-6511) 94 names:
Persons whose claims were not disposed of by the Corporation on 11th April 1832 (names – alphabetical). NB – note by Max Given – complete list of names to be found pages 5459-5473 (Ms Journal 22).
The war of 1688-1692
Knox family of Coleraine
Coleraine residents 1817
Tides on the north coast
Coleraine Harbour
McCook families N. Ireland.

Early history of Ulster:
Dunboe parish (page 6568).
Mr Joseph Cocherane – history. Also OS memoirs.
McCleland genealogy pages 6607-08, including pedigree chart.
Celtic mythology/Irish history: Chronicles etc.
Torrens family pages 6663-6669.
Torrens’ at TCD.
Pedigree Thomas Torrens, Dungiven page 6665.
Richardson of Somerset (Wills). Genealogy chart.
Derry Journal newspaper.
Ulster Plantation
Defenders of Derry 1692 (pages 6701-06) 215 names listed.
Coleraine 1689.
Somerset House, Coleraine.

Reid’s History of the Presbyterian church
Parish of Coleraine Vestry Book 1769-1816 (transcripts).
Coleraine Parish Church Inscriptions (inside church)
Coleraine Church wardens 1768-1816 (page 6840)


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