Muster rolls 1650-1800

Muster rolls 1650-1800 PRONI

County Antrim Militia officers, 1691 – T808/15185
Militia pay lists and muster rolls, 1799–1800 – T1115/1A–B
Declaration of allegiance by officers of Carrickfergus Infantry [c.1803] – D162/103

County Armagh
Militia lists by parish in the barony of Oneilland West, 1793–5 – D1928/Y/1
Muster rolls, Armagh Militia, 1793–7 – D183
Ardress Yeomany Book, c.1796 – D296
Churchill Yeomanry Book, c.1796 – D321/1
Roll of the Armagh corps of Supplementary Yeomanry, 1798–1803 – T808/15248
Militia pay lists and muster rolls, 1799–1800 – T1115/2A–C
Miscellaneous notes on County Armagh Volunteers – D3696/A
Roll of First Co. of Armagh Volunteers, n.d. – T636/1, p. 339

County Donegal
Muster roll of the Abercorn estate, 1745 – printed in the Directory of Irish Family History Research 21 (1998)
Return of Yeomanry corps, naming captains, 1803 – D623/A/161/12

County Down
Receipts for guns and bayonets to be used in Robert Maxwell’s troop of militia, Inch parish, 1746 – D1556/16/15/1–14
Minute book for the men of Mourne Volunteer Corps, 1778–92 – T1317
Minute book of the 1st and 2nd Volunteer companies of Newtownards, 1787 – D3030
Minute books of Newry 1st Volunteer company, 1778–93 – T3202
Minute books of Newry [2nd] Volunteer company, 1778–87 – T3202
Copy of Volunteer order, County Down, with extract of Volunteer muster roll, 1782 – T441
Men in the parish of Inch who have subscribed towards finding substitutes for the Militia, 1793, c.150 names – T1023/139
Signatures in relation to the formation of a yeomanry corps in Inch parish, 1797, around 200 names – T1023/144–5
Oath and list of names of Ballyculter Supplementary Corps, 1798 – T1023/153
Killyleagh yeomanry list, 1798 – D303/3
Names of those proposing to form a cavalry unit to act with the Inch infantry and to be known as Inch Legion, c.1798, 18 names – T1023/163
Miscellaneous notes on County Down Volunteers – D3696/A

County Fermanagh
Various militia lists, 1689–1756 – printed in W. C. Trimble, The History of Enniskillen (3 vols, Enniskillen, 1919–21), iii, pp. 684–699
Militia pay lists and muster rolls, 1794–99 – T1115/5A–C
Yeomanry muster rolls, 1797–1804 – T808/15244
County Fermanagh military, yeomanry and volunteer infantry, 1797–1834 – T808/15244
Muster Roll Fermanagh, 1747: Baronies of Magherabuy, Lurg, Clankelly, Knockninny, Coole, Tyrkennedy containing 1035 names -  Stewart Mss MIC15A/83.

County Londonderry
Magilligan and Aghanloo muster 1666 [c.70 names] – T640/103
Names of men enlisted in the barony of Loughinsholin militia, 1745 – D1449/11/1
Miscellaneous 18th-century papers about counties Londonderry and Tyrone militias, including lists of officers – D1449/9
Coleraine Volunteers (1st Company), 1776–82 – D4164/A/23, pp. 5597–8
Coleraine yeomanry, 1796 (116 names) – D4164/A/12
Coleraine yeomanry, 1797 – LA25/2AA/2 Yeomanry muster rolls, 1797–1804 – T1021/3
Co Derry muster rolls 1796-1804 - T1021/3

County Tyrone
 Miscellaneous 18th-century papers about Counties Londonderry and Tyrone militias, including lists of officers – D1449/9
Muster roll of the Abercorn estate, 1745 – printed in the Directory of Irish Family History Research 21 (1998)
Notes on the Gortin Volunteers, 1782 – T808/15114, 15121
Muster roll of Cookstown cavalry and Loughrey infantry, 1797 – T808/15242
General A list of militia officers for all counties, 1761 – T808/15235
Extracts from the regular army muster rolls, 1741–80 – T808/15196

Transcript Banagher Cavalry T1021/3


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