The 1734 religious census Barony of Cary, Antrim

Religious census for Cary barony, County Antrim

For the barony of Cary in north County Antrim there is a religious census of 1734, which lists nearly 1,500 housesholders, giving townland and religious affiliation. The area covered is relatively small covering five parishes but the source is rich in detail and an important one for those who have ancestors in this region. 

The parishes included in the 1734 census include Armoy, Ballintoy, Billy (that part in Cary barony), Culfeightrin, Derrykeighan (part) and Ramoan. William Reeves prepared a list of the names from the original in Glenarm Castle which is in the Manuscript Library in Trinity College, Dublin (MS 1059). A copy of this is in the Séamus Ó Casaide manuscripts in the National Library of Ireland (MS 5456). The names from a number of parishes have been extracted by Harry Doyle and published in The Glynns:
Culfeightrin – vol. 21 (1993), pp 65-76
Armoy – vol. 22 (1994), pp 53-8
Ramoan – vol. 23 (1995), pp 55-62
Ballintoy – vol. 25 (1997), pp 30-37
Names for Ballycastle were published in The Glynns in 1980 (vol. 8, p. 17). The Groves Papers in PRONI include a list of householders from ‘Part of the parish of Derrykeighan called Drumtullogh’ in 1734 (T808/14905). Bill Macafee has a database of the 1734 census for the parish of Ballintoy on his website (link below). In addition Ballintoy is covered by both the 1740 protestant householders' survey and the 1766 religious returns.


  1. Is it possible to see the portion of this 1734 census for the Parish of Billy online?


    2. Do you have a copy of the 1734 religious census of the barony of Cary relating to the parish of Billy in particular?

  2. Sorry I am not aware of it being online anywhere - it has been published

    The Glynns: journal of the Glens of Antrim Historical Society 2, 1993/4


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